What is Microalgae

Origin of Earth’s life,
The first producer of omega-3

Microalgae is single celled organism, abundant in water and sediments. It is the basis of food chain, providing nutrients to all living marine and fresh water organisms. Most marine animals rich in omega-3 oil consume microalgae and in turn make their own omega 3 oil. It is imperative to have natural microalgal strain producing products with commercial interests.

It is also imperative to grow them in most efficient way, extract products without chemicals and refine to have highest quality in clean environment. Phycoil have the microalgal strain producing high amount of omega 3 oil and we also have the cultivation, extraction and refining technology in controlled setting. Combination of the cell, technology and honest, dedicated people, we stand by quality of our products.

en_core technology

Core Technology

There are over 500,000 different kinds of microalgae in the world. They produce many useful by-products such as polyunsaturated fatty acids-DHA and hydrocarbons which later convered to biofuel- alternative clean energy source to fossil fuel.

Established in Silicon Valley, USA in 2010, Phycoil patented microalgal cultivation technology platform (Phycoil signal process, PSP). Since then, we have been developing commercially interested products from different strains of microalgae.

PSP technology produce higher amount of biomass and it can be applied to more diverse microalgal strains compare to traditional fermentation method. With this innovative technology, phycoil will bring more eco-friendly bioingredients to consumers.

Two commonly used microalgal cultivation methods are phototrophic growth in open pond system and heterotrophic growth in a closed, dark fermentor. Most all microalgae grow with sun light and carbon dioxide, but disadvantages – slow growth rate, large land requirements and contamination problem – with open pond system limit successful cultivation in mass scale.

Traditional hetrotrophic fermentation method improve all the disadvantages posed by the open pond cultivation system, but there are only limited numbers of microalgae successfully grow in the heterotrophic system which in turn will limit commercially interested end products.

Phycoil’s PSP technology overcomes limitations of traditional fermentation method. Microalgal strains are adapted to PSP naturally. PSP technology produce higher biomass amount and enable cells to produce more various end-products.

Phycoil has innovative patented micoralgal cultivation technology

Phycoil is the only company in Korea specializing in the commercial scale microalgal production process.
More than 50 microalgal strains producing commercially valuable products.
Gongju plant is a commercial scale microalgal fermentation, extraction and GMP compliant refining facility.

Most of the strains in our library are growing in PSP condition to produce higher biomass and products.

Our strains never have been subjected to mutation or genetic modification to enhance growth or produce products that is not original to them.

PATENT US20120171733 : Microalgae Fermentation using Controlled Illumination

Microalgal cells grown in our PSP condition showed 2-4 times faster growth rate and higher biomass than autotrophic and traditional heterotrophic fermentation. They also produced higher amount of oil and other by products such as carotenoids.

High Pressure Supercritical CO2 Extraction without Hazardous Chemical Solvents and
Highly Deodorized Refined Oil (DHA) with Ultra-vacuum Refining Technology

Highest purity and quality DHA oil from plant source.

Phycoil’s vegetarian DHA is produced by unique cultivation technology and processed by oil
purification and refining process free of organic solvent and environmental contaminants.
Our DHA can be formulated in variable oil contents depending on your applications.
We can provide pharmaceutical grade – 90% pure DHA, purified solid or liquid DHA – over 40%
DHA or powder form containing 35-40% DHA.



  • Innovative patented fermentation technology that is 2 to 4 times more efficient than traditional method
  • Superior oil content to maximize productivity
  • Natural characteristics of our microalgal strains and efficient cultivation technology, we do not require pre-treatment step prior to oil extraction process.
  • Harvesting and drying methods are optimized to different microalgal strains.
  • No pre-treatment required
  • Extraction via supercritical fluid extraction
  • Better alternative extraction method than organic solvent extraction
  • Unique refining and purification process for final product and its derivatives.
  • Excellent end quality is guaranteed by using Ultra Vacuum Deodorization Process